Temporary Works

Working closely with our structural engineers we design and install temporary work schemes to allow structures to be demolished safely.

During the pre-start phase our structural engineers will carry out a structural assessment of the building to be demolished and any other structures that share party walls or are located within a reasonable proximity of the works.

Temporary works to ensure the structures remain self-supported during demolition can include simple propping support schemes to enable plant to be located internally to structural steelwork support schemes such as raking shores or suitable tower structures with waling beams.

The temporary works design, which typically consists of technical drawings, load calculations, material specifications, and other data, can be submitted to the client’s engineering team for approval. Our Structural Engineer will inspect the works before and during demolition.

Façade retention
The age and architectural significance of many of the buildings involved in our city-centre projects require complex enabling work.

The design and installation of façade retention schemes are increasingly being used as a means of providing modern accommodation for commercial and industrial buildings whilst preserving the external architectural features of historic and attractive buildings in conservation areas and city centres.

We therefore have considerable experience of designing and installing façade retention schemes and project managing the entire process to integrate into the enabling phase.

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Case studies where we have designed and installed façade retention schemes include:
Crown House
Tottenham Court Road