Structural Alterations

Clifford Devlin has the experience and resources to facilitate any structural alterations that may be required to transform properties for new occupants or changing client requirements.

We have successfully delivered a number of ‘cut and carve’ projects which involve forming new openings to re-structure the internal layout of the building. Using hand and mechanical demolition methodologies, as well as specialist techniques such as diamond drilling and saw cutting, our teams can establish new openings for doors, lightwells, ducts and risers to implement the structural plans devised by the architect.

Following this our specialist teams can erect and install new steels, lintels and padstones to reinforce the new internal structure and ensure its future stability with all works planned, monitored and inspected by our in-house structural engineers.

Our groundworks team can also carry out excavation to form new basement levels and adjust associated drainage or other underground services.

Case studies: