Health Check

17th November 2019

Over eighty operatives across all of Clifford Devlin’s Divisions received health surveillance in August. 

A qualified nurse from health and safety consultancy, Building Health, visited all of the company’s active sites to perform a series of assessments and tests which included:

  •  History of health and medication (staff were asked to check with family prior to the test)
  •  Blood pressure
  •  Body mass index
  •  Urine test for diabetes
  •  Vision screening (near, far, colour and peripheral)
  •  Health surveillance for noise-induced hearing loss, HAVS, respiratory and skin diseases and musculoskeletal disorders

“Health issues can take a long time to develop and by monitoring our employees frequently this enables us to identify work-related ill health at an early stage so we can take steps to treat the condition and prevent further damage,“ commented Clifford Devlin’s Group Health & Safety Manager, Ian O’Connor, “It also gives employees the chance to raise any concerns they may have about the effect of their work on their health.”

The discipline of health surveillance is about establishing systematic, regular and appropriate procedures to detect early signs of work-related ill health among employees who are exposed to certain health risks. The tests also help to ensure that our existing occupational health and safety management systems and procedures are protecting staff sufficiently as well as providing baseline data to help employers better evaluate health risks.